About US

about-team-pageThe China General Chamber of Commerce-USA (CGCC) has been recognized as the largest and most influential non-profit organization representing Chinese enterprises in the United States. CGCC’s mission is to promote Chinese investment in the United States and to enhance cooperation between the Chinese and U.S. business communities.

CGCC-Los Angeles brings together hundreds of enterprises in the region, including established businesses as well as fast-growing companies from a variety of industries and sectors — such as banking, telecom, transportation, real estate, automotive, aerospace, industrial and manufacturing — and are headquartered in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Through its efforts, CGCC-Los Angeles connects business and government leaders, provides networking opportunities to develop new relationships, promotes knowledge and information sharing among its members, and engages with and gives back to the community through various endeavors. CGCC-Los Angeles is committed to acting as a bridge and promoting trade and mutual understanding among Chinese and U.S. businesses, stakeholders and communities; and helping foster a spirit of collaboration.

CGCC-Los Angeles covers four states in the West—southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii. Since 2000, Chinese companies have invested over $16 billion and created over 10,000 jobs in these states. This region is growing into a hub for Chinese investment in real estate, entertainment and high-tech in the United States.