Message from the Chairman

Dear Members & Friends,

With the joint efforts of all members, the China General Chamber of Commerce- Los Angeles played a positive role in serving Chinese companies in 2019, encouraging U.S.-China business cooperation, fulfilling social responsibilities and promoting local economic and social development and employment. Our themed programs focusing on corporate compliance, U.S.-China cooperation, experience-sharing, corporate social responsibility and cultural exchanges were greatly received.

As we start 2020, China and the United States reached the first phase of a trade agreement, injecting “stabilizers” into U.S.-China relations and the world economy. The new year is full of hope and opportunity. The China General Chamber of Commerce-Los Angeles will continue the mission of creating value, generating economic growth and enhancing cooperation between U.S. and Chinese business communities. I believe that with your support, we will achieve greater things this year. On behalf of CGCC-Los Angeles, I sincerely wish members and friends many successes in 2020.

sherman zhang_3

Sherman Zhang

Chairman, CGCC-Los Angeles; Vice Chairman, CGCC